brainymotion AG (Consortium Leader)

brainymotion AG empowers people across Europe to succeed through training and lifelong learning. In the post-COVID society, where the sharing of information and communication has shifted further to digital platforms and media, we stand for digital inclusion and digital competence. We firmly believe that equal digital literacy is the key factor to achieve equal opportunities and growth in a collective and sustainable way for our societies.

brainymotion sees itself as a service provider of practical and innovative training programmes in order to acquire full or partial qualifications in terms of formal adult education. Moreover we support job-seekers with full packages of training as well as job coaching qualifying them with hard- and human-skills and enabling them to get their career back on track.

brainymotion possess a highly scaleable educational plattform that can host different types of educational content, virtual classrooms or communication forms and can be scaled depending on the projects needs.

The core competences are set in the areas of IT (technical and end user) as well as project management skills.


DIAN was founded in 1987 by the educator and writer Panos Milios and was initially active in publishing.

The experience of DIAN’s main partners allowed the expansion of the company to other related sectors. Thus, new activity axes were created in order for DIAN to offer quality services in the fields of Publishing, Specialized Training and Consulting.
For this reason:

It was staffed with associates who have specific knowledge, experience and a willingness to work productively.

It has established partnerships in the European area with organisations and companies that develop similar activities.

It has opened up information channels from the European Union on Community programmes, international cooperation and funding.

Acquired its own office space, capable of fully meeting the needs of a modern business.

Despite the evolutionary steps taken so far, the effort of all of us at DIAN to do better continues.

Adıyaman Belediyesi (Municipality of Adiyaman, Turkey)

Adıyaman became a province in December 1, 1954.

The municipality organizes social and vocational programmes for teachers, courses for inclusion of migrants and refugees and integrate them into the society. We try to involve them in the school community, in the sphere of sport, integrating the family of children refugees in society.
Additionally, to many other actions and projects, the municipality:

• Conducts urbanization and development projects in order to re-construct and restore the ruined parts of the city; to create housing areas, industrial and commercial zones, technology parks and social facilities. It takes measures against the earthquake risk or to protect the historical and cultural structure of the city.

• Supports organization with activities and development of projects in cultural and sporting field in order to promote the economic and social relations; allocation of land and construction, rent of buildings and facilities for this purpose.

• Provides social and cultural services for elderly people, persons with disabilities, women, young people and children.

• Supports opening vocational training and skills courses; build and carry out maintenance work on and repairs to health care, educational and cultural facilities and buildings, and protect cultural and natural assets and the historical urban fabric.

• Provides services for the development of areas and functions of historical significance to the town.

• Provides services of urban infrastructure, geographical and urban data systems; environment and environmental health, forestry, parks and green areas; housing, cultural and artworks, tourism and presentation, youth and sporting activities; social and aid services; professional trainings.

Adıyaman province is currently hosting more than 30.000 of refugees, which is about 1o percent of the total population. We organize activities and courses for immigrants to create motivation for being entrepreneurship set up their own businesses and earn their lives. We organize programs for the integration of immigrants and refugees into the socio-economic and cultural life of the local community.

The municipality is implementing projects to increase women’s capacity empowerment, including their engagement in the labour market.

It provides education, transportation, accessible social environment, inclusion to decision related public works, public life, inclusion to Cultural, art and sports activities, health and Rehabilitation for citizens with disabilities.

It also supplies psycho-social services for special needs and their families, gives guidance and counselling along social consulting. It arranges awareness raising and social aids for the disabled.