Transnational meeting in Adiyaman & final conference

Our transnational meeting in Adiyaman began on September 19, when we all gathered at the municipal office to discuss our project results, the final steps before the end of the grant period, and ideas for future collaboration. We also had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Kilinc, the Mayor of Adiyaman, and Mr. Cuhadar, the Governor of Adiyaman Region, to discuss important issues and actions in Adiyaman.

In the same afternoon, we met with the training participants for the final conference, where we talked about the partner organizations and their work, the project and its results, and handed over the certificates to the training participants. After the end of the official part of the conference, we had the opportunity to talk personally with the people who played an important role, such as the volunteer trainers, the municipality staff and the participants and their families.

On September 20, after a short feedback session with the project team, we left for our social activity and visited the monuments of the Commagene era on the peaks of Mount Nemrut, the burial site of Arsameia and the ancient ruins of the city of Perre.