Let the trainings beginn!

After a few months of work on the training material and all organisational details, we are finally ready to start with the actual courses!

We were able to recruit five trainers and have thirty one participants to go through our pilot trainings.

To kick off the project the Adiyaman Municipality invited all participants to a welcome event, in order to present the program and its purposes and wave the flag for the official beginning of the training courses that started on the same day.

After the first few training hours, the Adiyaman Municipality organized a welcoming dinner for all training participants and their families. The participants could get to know each other better and had the opportunity to exchange first opinions on the topics discussed before. The Adiyaman major, Mr. Kilinc, who attended the event, underlined the importance of environmental protection, especially for disabled people and emphasized the necessity of solidarity in order to combat both climate change and discrimination.

Here are some insights of the event:

As the virtual trainings will take place in the next days, we will update you with impressions and news.

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