The Kick-Off Meeting

On December 12 – December 16, 2021 the project-team met in Munich, at brainymotion’s offices to set the base for the project’s beginning!
We were very excited to see each other in person, to exchange gifts and talk about the differences and common practices in our different cultures and countries.

Since the agenda was quite full, we soon started with our workshop to get to know MS Teams and it’s functions. Now everyone knows how to use the common planner, the document sharing functions and the chat for the the project’s purposes. In this way we ensure that everyone is up-to-date, knows their tasks and we all have a good overview of the projects’ development.

At next we discussed what we have done so far and started planning all project details and assigned tasks in our common planner. First we reviewed the proposal and how our communications and joint efforts have gone so far. We went through all planned stages of our project, talked about the expected outputs and the best ways and strategies to realize them.

Lots of work is before us but we are looking forward to it.

Here are some impressions of our kick-off meeting.

Sleeves rolled up! We are ready to start!
Stay tuned..